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Top Hat Talent

The staff at Top Hat Talent is excited to offer you a variety of classes in numerous popular dance styles, for all age groups. We have recital classes for those dancers who attend weekly or bi-weekly lessons as a fun and athletic hobby. Competition companies and recreationally competitive jazz & hip hop are also available for those dancers who want to take dance to the "next level" by performing, traveling and competing.

It's a super exciting week at Top Hat Talent!!

Here's the schedule...

Monday recital classes and Tiny Training...Dress Rehearsal at Westmoore HS on Thursday at 6:30, Recital Saturday at 10 a.m. 

Tuesday recital classes...Make-up class today at your normal times at THT, Dress Rehearsal at Westmoore HS on Thursday at 6:30, Recital on Saturday at 10 a.m.

Wednesday recital classes...Make-up class on Wednesday at normal times, Dress Rehearsal at Westmoore HS on Thursday at 6:30, Recital Saturday at 4 p.m.

Thursday recital classes...Dress Rehearsal today at Westmoore HS at 6:30, make-up classes on Thursday at normal times, Recital on Friday at 6:30 p.m.

Don't forget that the auditorium doors will not open until 30 min before show times!
YES - we're watching the weather and will keep everyone posted if there are any changes.

Please call Nikki directly if you have any questions! (405-819-3479)

Co members - you do not have co rehearsals this week at all. There are 2 optional tech classes (Wed. 5-6:30 and Thurs. 4-5:30), Sr Nite for Teen and Extreme dancers this Wed. 5-9:30, and we're running our extra LINE Dance this Wed. 4:30-5 at THT and then again on Saturday 3:15-3:45 onstage at Westmoore!


Whew! It's a lot but we can't wait for a fabulous time honoring all our dancers and their hard work!!! Thank you THT staff and families!!!

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We are committed to providing your child with a technical, well rounded and artistic dance education, nurturing their talent to the highest potential and instilling pride, confidence, and respect for each other and for dance as a fine art in a loving, disciplined, Christian environment. Under the expert direction of owner and instructor Nikki Calder Braun, Top Hat Talent has grown and expanded, we now offer more diverse styles of dance for all age groups. Our instructors look forward to inspiring a love of dance within your child and instilling creativity into each of our dancers minds and hearts.